Express Line

The Prestige Express line of sport yachts is a result of over 20 years of design experience and customer feedback. The result is a style that is comfortable, stylish and popular throughout the world.

Prestige 500S Express

The deck plan of the Prestige 500S is designed to facilitate life onboard, with wide sidedecks, a forward sundeck sheltered by a sun awning, and the spacious cockpit opening onto the aft swim platform. Read More >>

Prestige 420S

All the advantages of a grand Prestige Yacht, on a more intimate scale. Read More >>

Prestige 560S

The New Prestige 560s expands the concept of coupĂ© motor yachts with better performance and an allure of elegance.  Read More >>

Prestige 460S

Prestige has revisited the coupé concept from the Prestige 500S : The Prestige 450S offers a comfortable lounge and bright, well ventilated by its vast roof and large sliding rear bay. Read More >>