Boatpoint reviews the Prestige 500 Flybridge

Boatpoint reviews the Prestige 500 Flybridge

Earlier this month BoatPoint’s David Lockwood took the latest Prestige 500 Flybridge for a run. As always David provides potential buyers with an in depth review of all aspects of this model from its ISO 9001 production regime, through to its usability and application to Australian conditions.In summary he provides the following comments:

“Underway, the Prestige 500 is an agreeable powerboat with low fuel burn, low smoke and low noise. With the saloon doors closed, driving from the lower helm station was just unreal. You could do this with the family inside and alongside in winter, a boiling hot summer, at breakfast between anchorages, and whenever. The vision is reassuringly good.

On the hook, there’s a pleasant European ambience, especially with the new oak finish and abundant natural light, and all those private deck and cabin areas. At the end of the day, the boat ticks a lot of boxes including being user friendly thanks to the joystick.

Australia’s big cities are built on harbours, ports, rivers and bays. The Prestige 500 will take advantage of those waterways without burdening you with a lot of extraneous engineering gear that only ever features on your servicing account.

From reduced running costs and easy docking to style and comforts, this is the kind of new-age luxury cruiser that a lot of boaters with old-tech boats would dearly love to get into. It will slot right into an empty waterfront berth and sidle up to a pontoon on a canal front very happily. And the price is right.” For the full review click here: Boatpoint Prestige 500 Flybridge review